#ThoughtofThanks: Fav Things Shower 

I’m a week late posting this story, but better late than never…right?

Sunday, March 20 was such a special, wonderful, memorable day! And I truly cannot say thank you enough to all of the ladies involved in my “Favorite-Things” wedding shower! 


Thrown by Mary Jo & Linda, both of whom taught me in elementary school (kindergarten & 1st grade) and have played huge roles in my life, the shower took place at the school the shaped me most… Lincoln Trail Elementary. 

Mary Jo Haydon (left), Linda Reed (right)

From preschool-fifth grade I attended LTE, staying after school every day (mom taught there), running up & down the halls, searching for spare change to get honey buns from the vending machine, playing with the kids of other teachers, and truly feeling like this old building was my second home.

I love that place. 

The guests included former teachers & teacher friends, my mom’s life-long best friends, friends of my own who have known me since those elementary days, and of course my new sisters (Andrea, Tyler’s sister and Jamie, married to my brother).

Top – Ciara, Andrea. Middle- Elizabeth, me, Paige. Bottom – Ainsley, Jamie.

Returning to my old stomping grounds flooded my heart with nostalgia, memories of innocent days, life-teaching moments that far surpassed academic education, and a time in life when things were effortlessly simple. 


How surreal to return now as a woman… preparing for marriage… fighting for the fullest possible life… reality looks totally different than I ever imagined as a grade-school girl. God has different plans for me, better plans than I can fathom. 

The shower was “drinks only” since I would not have been able to eat any of the food. I love the thought & intention  behind that detail… I actually felt fully included in the experience. That rarely happens, so when it does I treasure those moments of total acceptance. 


The sweetest part of the day was when all the guests shared their favorite memory of me, hence the “Favorite Things” theme. It’s a good thing I do not embarrass easily… Luckily I wasn’t too nervous about what everyone would share (my Mom was sitting right there!)

The memories covered a plethora of topics from every period of life:

  • my weird stories during kindergarten share time
  • reciting a poem in Mary Jo’s wedding
  • performing multiple talent shows/plays/characters with my childhood best friend, Ciara
  • Mal the babysitter
  • being a weirdo in high school who went to the movie theater to see High School Musical 3 & laughed louder than anyone else 
  • summer days swimming, riding 4-wheelers, & having constant sleepovers with my girls
  • blaring Backstreet Boys (again, as high schoolers) with my now sister
  • sharing in heart to hearts with more than one of my favorite girls.

I was in tears from laughter but the tears falling were also from the overwhelming love and sentiment in that room. In those moments I realized how many wonderful people God has placed through every stage of my life…what a blessing to still have many of those people as a part of my life!

 To all the special women who attended the celebration, had a hand in planning, or sent gifts in their absence… Thank you for loving me. Thank you for encouraging me my entire life, through every high and low, and for your unconditional support as I walk through the fire. 

I had the best day because of you.


My gorgeous mother!
Sister! Jamie played assistant for the day. We were the best of friends for years before my brother captured her heart.
Ciara & I met in preschool. We were instant BFF’s…our history is long & hilarious. She will forever hold a special spot in my heart.
Paige also attended LTE! We became great friends on the high school soccer team and spent the next 4 years always together!!
Ainsley & I met in 1st grade on our soccer team. We played together until graduating high school…she is one of my oldest, truest friends!
Andrea, Tyler’s younger sister, is one of my very best friends! We claim each other as sister even before it is official.
Elizabeth’s mom & mine have been great friends since childhood. We became inseperable in high school!
I used to babysit Maggie & Caroline; they are such beautiful young ladies now!

What are you thankful for today? Share your gratitude with using the tags #ThoughtofThanks and #SWB 💕 

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