My Testimony for O.V.I.


The most amazing opportunity to share my testimony fell into my lap…


No seeking, no searching, no asking, and no trying on my part to be heard. This chance to share my testimony for a worthy, wonderful cause was completely God ordained.


To HIM be the glory, ALL of it, today and forevermore.


Last month I received a Facebook message from Amy, a sweet young woman who grew up in the same town as my almost husband. I briefly knew Amy during my time at WKU; she was an RA in Minton Hall my freshman year. I admired her striking beauty, humble spirit, welcoming smiling, and desire to help others.


Her message took me totally by surprise:


“…I have absolutely loved following your journey and seeing your endurance through the hardest times. It truly inspires me and I pray that my children in Kenya might have some of that same hope and will to fight.

I am writing to ask if you might be interested in helping us in a big way. On March 19 my husband Rob and I are hosting an event for our foundation Ovi & Violet International… rather than focusing on our own work, we would like to also showcase those whose stories will inspire others to invest in the lives of those with critical illnesses…”

Amy went on to ask if I would be interested in recording a video to share my testimony of living with serious illness and the importance of having access to help, support, and hope. She continued to explain the work, purpose, and love behind their foundation, Ovi & Violet, Internation (OVI), click here to visit the official site.


O.V.I. purposes to care for orphans in Kenya facing terminal & chronic illnesses who cannot be properly cared for in normal orphanages. O.V.I. places specific focus on “total orphans who would otherwise face death in an institution that cannot afford their care or in a hospital with no one to call family.”


Amy and Rob Hehre are working to secure a building in Suna, Migori, Kenya which they will call home along with 42 terminally orphans. The building will be converted into a residential hospital providing round the clock love and care to these precious children. They will utilize their medical training as P.A.’s to answer the incredible calling that Our Almighty Lord has laid on their lives. Though it sounds like a heartbreaking life to take on, Amy reassured me that they don’t view it that way:


“We are not afraid to grieve, but we do fear what will happen to these children if no one takes the risk to love them.”


WOW! What faith… what trust… what selflessnes… what love they have for the Kingdom of God!!


As I read Amy’s words, I cried tears of joy and admiration for her amazing story. My heart filled with gratitude for her willingness to give me such an opportunity; my soul praised God for once again revealing the promised beauty from ashes.


He is using me! He is fulfilling promises.


Although I was not able to attend the O.V.I fundraiser on March 19th, I heard it was a great success and my video testimony served as a “virtual guest speaker” of sorts. I am absolutely humbled & grateful beyond words to play a tiny role in helping this breath-taking organization.


I’m incredibly excited to share the video with all of you! Let me know what you think!


Enjoy; then please share & help spread the mission of O.V.I!

2 thoughts on “My Testimony for O.V.I.

  1. What a blessing for me to personally know two young, beautiful, compassionate young ladies spreading God’s love through their bold witness and work! True disciples. thank you for your honesty Mallory.


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