#ThoughtofThanks: Shower Time 

The wedding is barely over a month (what?!) away and the pre I-Do festivities are in full swing. 

This weekend we traveled to Tyler’s hometown, sweet Somerset, for a night with his family and a wedding shower thrown by their (our) church family on Sunday afternoon. 


To the ladies of Grace Baptist Church: you truly outdid yourselves in the best way! No detail was left untouched, no spot left undecorated, and it seemed like there was no gift on the registry left un-purchased. 

The decor stayed consistent with our wedding colors (blue and yellow) making the room feel cheery, bright, and springy. The tiny daffodils on each table instantly brought a huge smile to my face! I absolutely LOVE flowers. 

The gift table was overflowing with beautiful kitchen & home goods, perfectly wrapped in intricate paper and ribbon. Seriously though, I’ve never seen so many presents for one couple! The church spoiled us rotten! 




All of these details are wonderful, exciting, and beautiful but in the end they are only material things which all fade away. And yes, they were part of what made the day memorable…yet they are not what made the day special. 

What made the shower most special were the people and faces behind the celebration. This party filled my heart with surges of joy because the love of Christ shown bright through this church family. The ladies of Grace Baptist truly made me feel at home– loved as if they had known me my entire life, cared for with total attention to every detail, and taken care of as one of their own. Thank you for being attentive and accommodating to my unique needs. 

Multiple times throughout the afternoon I was told by faces both familiar and new, “We have prayed for you for 2.5 years and we continue to lift you up.” THAT is the ultimate gesture of love. PRAYER is the greatest gift anyone can give to me. I don’t even have the words express how much I’m humbled & grateful for my thousands of prayer warriors. 

The beautiful faces behind the day!

Tyler with his mom and sister. 

Soon, I will share your last name!
My parents drove down to join us! The ladies were tickled pink when my Daddy showed up. He is the first father of the bride to attend a shower…he loves me!

The ladies set me up in the comfiest chair so that I could sit through the party & feel the best that I could.

Laughing with Tyler’s aunt & cute cousin who is one of our flower girls. 

The youngest and most precious party guest!   


My sister! I’ve been claiming her as my own even before its official. 


The flower girl with my bouquet of bows.

Mrs. Rosemary Bray took all the bows and ribbon from the presents and (in just a few minutes) created an awesome bouquet for me to carry at the rehearsal!


My original best friends & role models through thick and thin. 
My Maid of Honor, best friend, and photographer for the day.


I’m blessed beyond words to be marrying into the greatest family!

There is a long list of wonderful woman who deserve a BIG shoutout of Thanks! for putting together this special day. I don’t want to list specific names & chance leaving anybody off the list.

So, to everyone at Grace Baptist who had a hand (or pinky) in this day… whether you helped decorate, cook or plan…whether you attended or sent a gift…whether you simply prayed for the day or for our future union: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Tyler and I are extremely blessed to have faithful supporters and encouragers who love us from all across the state! And even beyond. 

Sending virtual hugs and lots of love 💕

My shoes were the real star of the show…who knew $20 off EBay could make such a scene?!

What are you thankful for today? Post your pictures using the tags #ThoughtofThanks and #SWB 

6 thoughts on “#ThoughtofThanks: Shower Time 

  1. I am thankful for your beautiful smile and the beautiful couple in these pictures. Thankful for the ladies, your family, and the wonderful day for you and Tyler. Praying for your marriage and future.

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  2. Mallory, I am so thankful that you have perserverd through some of the darkest times ever and that you are now looking forward to this wonderful and very happy time for every young woman… the exciting days of wedding planning and all the special events that go with that. You and Tyler both look so very happy and the love just exudes from you. I continue to pray for you and your health. May the days and weeks ahead truly be some of your very best. God bless you sweet girl.


  3. Mallory, I am so happy to see you doing well as you plan for your special day to begin your life with Tyler. You continue to touch so many lives, even as you did in your early school years and later. You are always on my mind when I talk to God in my prayers and ask for healing and health for you. God is using you for a special purpose and I am blessed to have known you and your family. I can’t wait to see you as the beautiful bride walking down the aisle to marry your future husband, Tyler. As your former teacher at Lincoln Trail Elem., I am so proud of you. You make me smile and smile and smile……..

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  4. Mallory, Shelly keeps us posted on how you are doing. We pray for you and Tyler as we run together of the mornings. You are on our continual prayer list at Duke Memorial Baptist church in Somerset. May God continue to heal your body and give you strength to enjoy these next few weeks. We look forward to seeing u walk down the isle. Love and Blessings, Cindy Kerr

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