#ThoughtofThanks: Girl Time

Friendships are hard for this sick chick.

Back when I was a regular girl living a normal, full, active life I felt like I had friends galore. Elementary through high school I always had a solid group of girl friends. Looking back, I’m thrilled I spent my young days with solid female friends instead of wasting time on meaningless boyfriends.

Part of my college experience I was surrounded with girls. Between living in a sorority house and having 24/7 sorority obligations, I had ample social interaction.

These days…not so much. I have those great best friends, some of whom are also family, who have stood by my side (you know who you are!) but sadly most of us live in different towns. Without being able to drive, travel or visit for very long it’s super hard to have any friend time. Many weeks, the only people I physically interact with are my parents, uncle Vince, Tyler & on weekends, my siblings. They are all WONDERFUL…yet as humans we need, we crave, we were made to cultivate & enjoy relationships.


I’m still tickled pink to finally call Jamie my SISTER!! I love being able to group her into both the sibling category and the best friend category! Photo: Brianna Bird Photography

It’s common for me to not step foot outside of my house for days on end. Simply going to a job during the week, or the supermarket, the gym, the post office, the pharmacy, or just driving through town provides “normal” folks with important interaction. Seeing other people move and work, hearing the sounds of others around you and quiet voices in conversation, all provide interaction that I desperately miss.

Thank God for cell phones & social media. Seriously, I know social media gets a bad wrap for being addictive, shallow, and stupid… I’m not disputing these things, but more than that it can be a gateway to friendship & community & connection.


It is for me.


Think about it… You are probably reading this blog because it was shared on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram timeline.


So, today, my #ThoughtofThanks is written in honor and gratitude of the new relationships God has faithfully provided! Most of which came to fruition through and because of social media!


Meet Alex Jane.
Alex Jane sells Younique makeup. She’s an entrepreneur who thrives from helping other women feel their most beautiful! We met through Facebook when she hosted a virtual fundraiser for a mutual friend of ours, raising money for mission work. (You can help our friend, here!)

When she realized I was interested/curious about her products, Alex Jane offered to drive over an hour to my home to let me try them out in the comfort of my cozy bed! We had a blast drinking hot tea, talking about our handsome fiancées (both of which are names TJ), and of course doing a makeover. Thank you, Alex Jane for being such a bright spot in my week…I look forward to seeing you again!
Meet Madeline.
Madeline is newly married, working to raise support so that her husband and she can do full-time ministry on WKU’s campus! Wow, what trust that must take!

Initially, Tyler and I met with the Brennan’s to discuss partnering together in support of their ministry (help support them here!)  Though we had only met once, Madeline and I became fast friends, building a relationship on our mutual faith, sending each other prayer requests and praises. On Wednesday, she came to Etown to spend the afternoon with me. After talking for hours on end about everything from illnesses to marriage, I felt myself praising God for yet another new friend. In this season of my life that keeps me from meeting people, God is answering prayers of loneliness & desire for friends.


The way He orchestrates all things together is SO COOL!


My Instagram account & Still Waters Blog have led several young women to reach out to me, either because of shared illness, or simply for encouragement. I love when this happens!! Two of those ladies have become dear friends to me, though we have yet to meet in person. Courtney & Shelby, I’m still honored that you reached out to me, trusting my advice & encouragement. You both give me hope, help me find purpose, & make me feel like a needed friend!


I truly believe God finds a way to flawlessly provide & lead us to the encouragers, supporters, & friends that we need to help carry us through each season of life. Though He is always more than enough, He answers our longings for new relationships. Today, I encourage you to reach out to your support system & let them know how thankful you are to have them in your life!


Let’s start the week off with attitudes of gratitude. What are you thankful for today? Share your posts using the tags #ThoughtofThanks and #SWB 💕





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