Today’s #ThoughtofThanks is posted in gratitude of prayer. Yes, prayer. As Believers it’s essential to recognize the amazing, earth-shattering power that lies in the act of prayer, especially for others. Through the last 2.5 years my family and I have been absolutely showered in selfless, loving, sincere, desperate pray from loved ones and total strangers alike. We’ve seen prayer after prayer answered (lots of no & lots of yes) and we’ve witnessed miracle after miracle all resulting from prayer.

A meeting with a new physician on Friday reminded me of these miracles. He was amazed with my story & reiterated that My life is a miracle. Yes, yes it is. A miracle resulting from prayer and God’s healing hand. There’s nothing our God cannot do. 

The last two weeks my soul has been heavy with anxiety. My history with anxiety needs it’s own post (one I will share in due time) but it’s a struggle I’ve had since age 14. Throughout my illness The Lord has covered me in a cloak of perfect peace. In the most stressful moments of my life I’ve felt His amazing peace that passes all human understanding. Yet, Satan knows my weaknesses & he delights in pulling the trigger. Lately my chest has been heavy with physical weight keeping me in a state of near hyperventilation that exacerbates the rest of my pain.

Remember the Redeemed Girl Ministries Scripture Memory Cards that I used to mention in my posts? Well, in all honesty I didn’t stick with them for all of 2015. I got out of the habit of learning new scripture each week & fell off the wagon. So, I decided to start back up. And can you believe it, the verse for this week on was focused on anxiety?! 

 Lord how do you always get timing so perfect?! 

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”
–Philippians 4:6-7

After meditating on the true meaning of this verse, I realized that my prayers needed backup. I began reaching out to others for specific prayer. And guess what? It helped. God heard all the cries on my behalf and he answered as He has a faithful history of doing. No, not with miracles, not with total healing or all the answers I would like. But He delivered relief & reminders of calm & pointers to peace. Prayer is power. 

To anyone who EVER has/will uttered a prayer on my behalf I say thank you from the depths of my heart. My gratitude cannot be adequately expressed through words but please know that your prayers mean the absolute world to me. I encourage all Believers to commit yourself to prayer. Prayer is how we connect with our creator, learn to desire His will, & fight this eternal war. Pray brings quiet peace & confidence & connection & restoration & joy. If you have nothing else in this life, rest assured  you always have a bridge to Our Almigty God through prayer. 

What are you thankful for this Monday? Remember to share your posts on social media using the tags #ThoughtofThanks and #SWB. 

For anyone wrestling with anxiety, I encourage you to take a listen to this comforting song. Stop holding on, just be held ❤️


3 thoughts on “#ThoughtofThanks 

  1. Power of Jesus Peace ! Yes and amen Mallory😘 may you be filled and overflowing with Peace! May you live powerfully from Peace! May you be a peace carrier! As matter of fact, I think that is exactly what you are born to do: carry and release his peace! Ha! Jesus wins every time. Oh gal, someday we must talk. Amazing how God speaks thru us to others in this journey. Amazing, that recently, I have random thoughts about you learning your memory verses, wondered if you still were, prayed you were. Isn’t that just like our God! Just … lots more too.. One day.. I’m so happy for you😂😂😂😂😂😂

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