Selfless love, celebration, pure joy, fellowship, family, and friends…  These are just a few of God’s great gifts which I experienced this weekend.

On Saturday, my moms sisters- Aunt Mindy & Aunt Sandra- threw me the sweetest Christmas themed tea party/shower. Filled with Christmas decor straight out of a magazine, beautiful crystal plates & cups, little finger sandwiches, sweet treats, my own bowl of soup made just for ME, fancy outfits–When else would it ever be appropriate for me to dress up like a Russian snow princess — and tons of presents… But can you believe these pretty material items were not nearly the best part?

Seeing 11 of the women (plus 2 little girls) who play some of the biggest roles in my life all in ONE place together…talking, laughing, smiling, & even shedding a tear or two, made the day one I will never forget. It was truly one of my favorite days, ever.



Like most girls I have dreamt of my time as a bride since childhood…and this event solidified the fact that the wedding day is really happening. A day that, in the last few years, I was not sure God had planned for me to see. 

Of course anyone would feel special when having a grand celebration thrown in their honor. Yet for someone like me, I believe it’s that much sweeter… I mean I feel giddy excited when I am well-enough to go to Kroger! Imagine how much that excitement & over-the-moon joy multiplied for a gorgeous PARTY! 

So today’s #thoughtofthanks may be a wee bit longer than a thought. I thank God that He is graciously giving & showing me so many opportunities to give thanks. I cannot appropriately express how truly grateful, thankful & apprecitive I am to every person who had a hand in throwing this shower, attending this shower, or contacting me in excitement for this shower even though they couldn’t come! Thank you for the love that was poured out in honor of our upcoming marriage. God’s hand & heart were obvious to me through every moment of the day.

3 thoughts on “#thoughtofThanks

  1. You lift me up, Mallory!
    I can’t speak right now (laryngitis) and it is difficult for me because there is so very much to be done!
    You made me realize that there is beauty everywhere and I should just be sill and look around.
    How wonderful of your family to make your present journey last with this gathering to celebrate your upcoming wedding!

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