Let’s get real for a second, people, and just call a spade a spade… Mondays STINK. I believe we’d be hard pressed to find a single person who votes Monday as their favorite day of the week. If you are that one rare person, let me know. 

And especially on a Monday like today, when so many in the workforce and in schools, return to mundane life with that sinking feeling you get once all the holiday hooblah has run its course.

Mondays can feel hopeless as they are usually some of the longest workdays, filled with an unsettling amount of emails in the inbox, dark circles under the eyes, and the reality that this day is only the beginning. The weekend literally couldn’t be farther away.

All things considered, I propose a toast. Okay not a literal toast I’m just trying to use some catchy language.

I propose that in the spirit of this New Year, we are totally capable of adopting New attitudes…ones overflowing with gratitude… Even on the days we don’t care for, such as Monday.

Every Monday I will be posting a picture & short blurb called my #ThoughtofThanks. This is an opportunity to start out each week with an attitude focused on gratitude & all the wonderful joy that each day holds! I believe that starting your day with a happy, thankful heart (regardless of your religious beliefs) always makes for a better day… And maybe even a better week.

I feel God nudging me to encourage all of you to join me in sharing our gratitude! So, let’s make a deal. I’m imagining all of you shaking my hand and nodding in agreement… I’ll just optimistically assume you are 😉

Here, I’ll start:

Today, my #thoughtofthanks is dedicated to my beautiful Abuela (grandmother), Teresa. Often times I feel my heart aching for three grandparents that have already gone to Heaven…or I’m envious of my friends, who are adults, with 4 living grandparents. Then I realize, my brothers & I are SO incredibly blessed to have spent our lives living 5 minutes away from all 4 loving grandparents, with whom we shared a special bond. 

Today I’m grateful for the example my Abuela has set for us all. Moving from Puerto Rico to Germany as a teenager/young wife, and not speaking a word of anything besides Spanish, had to be terrifying. Yet, both my grandparents worked hard to adapt to each new home, culture, & language that the military sent them to across the world. Faithfulness to her loved ones, selflessness, unconditional love, generosity, and a positive outlook are all a piece of the legacy she (and my Abuelo) have built for their family. I pray that someday I’ll become a wife, mother, and grandmother that would make her proud. And I pray we have many more years together! #thoughtofthanks #SWB

See how easy that was? Wow my heart really is smiling now. Don’t feel the need to write a novel (I’m long winded..you’ve probably picked up on that by now) and please use the hashtags #thoughtofthanks and #SWB. I can’t wait to make 2016 a year that is overflowing in gratitude! 

7 thoughts on “#ThoughtofThanks 

  1. I love all you journal’s Mallory. You are such an amazing woman. Coming from part of the same family. I already know you are going to be a terrific wife, an awesome mother and an even greater grandmother. You come from an awesome line of women. We are truly blessed for sure.

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