A poem of praise 

Throughout this morning’s quiet time, I continued to stare at my reflection in the mirror. My first instinct was to criticize, judge, and try to reconstruct the image I see. Why? Why are we so inclined to condemn ourselves? Why are we so quick to name a laundry list of features which we see as wrong, rather than a positive list of all which is right? All the things which makes us unique. The beautiful, special characteristics that God equipped us with because He wanted us exactly this way.

It’s good to like what you see in the mirror. It’s healthy to appreciate the work of art that God created through you. And even more, it’s a wonderful state of mind to accept yourself, exactly as is and praise God for His creation.

This poem overflowed from my heart during my time of praise:

You created me in your image

You made me something beautiful.

From the dust you built me up,

On a Holy canvas etched in gold.
You painted every inch of this flesh,

In a pattern of your exact desire.

Though your brush continues to move,

The paint will not dry up…

Not until your perfect masterpiece

Takes bloom in complete fruition

He who began a good work in me,

Will always see it through to the end.

So I’ll choose to love your flawless work,

Art more beautiful than these eyes can see,

Illustrations more complex than this mind can fathom,

Love more abounding than this heart can feel.
I will cherish what you’ve made in me,

For your work is covered in Holy freedom.
As I learn to view myself through your compassionate eyes,

Only then, am I truly set free.

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