Waiting to bloom


#nofilter needed as Fall in the bluegrass state displays a gorgeous masterpiece from our Maker’s hand. More & more I’m finding that The Lord speaks to me through nature. As I walk by my neighbor’s tree in the crisp autumn air I’m reminded of this time, two years ago when my life was first falling apart. 
Take a look at this tree. Right now, you could say that this tree has it all. Beauty, confidence, a known presence, deeply rooted & not easily swayed. But oh so soon, this creation will have everything taken away. The colorful leaves will begin to fall, one by one, & quickly it will be transformed from strong & full to empty, weak & frail. This tree will wither away as the bitter cold steals it’s color, leaving only a skeleton of brittle branches behind. 
But this torment will not effect the roots. No, this tree will stay firmly planted & rooted no matter what storms pass its way. This tree will not try to hold onto that which is dead & gone…it will simply let the leaves fall. Though it will lose everything, this tree will lay in wait of the timing & plans to come. Beauty from ashes. What The Lord has planted will wait patiently until a season of growth & new life comes. 
And in the Spring, though the winter felt long & the bitter cold ate away at the branches, something new will take bloom. Bushes even more lovely than the original… Color, presence, confidence will all return. There is no looking back at what once was or comparison of the old leaves to the new. Simply, something beautiful that stands all on its own & shows the redeeming love of a Creator. For every season of weather or life has a meaning & a time. And everything will be made beautiful in His time. 
The Lord gives & He takes away. 
As silly as it may sound, I will take the message He has spoken to me through this tree & hide it away in my heart as I wait for my Spring flowers to bloom.

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