Pictures Are Worth Infinite Words

For everyone who has been following my journey, this post is filled with pictures that tell the story of my 23 days in the hospital following my Pancreatectomy, Splenectomy and Islet Cell Transplant in November. During that time we witnessed God’s answers to the unceasing prayers of you the faithful warriors. We saw God’s miracles. I can’t thank you all enough for your loving prayers and support, especially my amazing church family at First Christian.

Although I am healing (Praise God), as of now I am still a very, very sick person living in a great deal of pain and expect to be for quite some time. I am eating again (tiny amounts) which is a blessing but it’s been an awful process trying to teach my body to eat and digest again. At nearly 5’8″ I only weigh 88 pounds (I was around 135 before getting sick in Oct. ’13)… this clearly demonstrates how serious and devastating this battle is and has been. Thankfully, we serve an Awesome God who can overcome ANYTHING and with the power of Christ living in me I know I will overcome this too!

“For when I am weak, then I am strong.” 2 Corinthians 12:10

5:15 am at UC Hospital. Waiting with Tyler and my family to be prepped for surgery.
Cameron, my brother, and Dad trying to pass the time during my 8 hour surgery.
Out of surgery and in the ICU…I spent my first 7 days here.
Three beautiful sisters waiting to see me! From the left: Aunt Mindy, Mom Maria, and Aunt Sandra.
Cam being sweet. I think he was relieved to see me…even looking like this.
Who looks better? I think it’s a tie.
So many different attachments and drugs.
After the worst night of my life (my epidural did not work and therefore did not block any of the extreme pain) I’m thrilled to have my Mom back with me.
Love my aunt so much!
Sitting up in the chair (not my idea of a good time).
Walking with lots of help from my dad and nurse…again, not my idea of fun, more like torture.
Trying to fake it and smile through the pain, seeing my two big brothers definitely helps.
A walk with the help of my oldest brother, Phillip.
A very miserable day in the ICU; trying to sleep through my blood transfusion.
Getting kisses from my Mom…
…and ice chips from my Dad!
IMG_6420.JPG Top picture = Not for the faint of heart! Waiting to be moved out of the ICU…just had a bedside procedure to re-open my incision, drain the infection and pack the wound which was several inches deep. Very painful and traumatizing.
During one of many visits from my brothers.
I hold my Dad’s hand much of the time when I’m in the hospital. He’s my comfort.
IMG_6424.JPG First bite of food…big letdown. The next day I nibbled on a breadstick with Tyler. That tasted much better than the cereal!
Trying to decide if I still like Salt n’ Vinegar chips… YES!
Don’t you agree?
New NG feeding tube as I cannot take in hardly any calories.
Feeling incredibly miserable.
Sharing a few bites of pizza. Our first “meal” together in nine months!
The next day, Tyler’s church ministers came all the way from Somerset KY for a visit!
Tastes good going down, much worse coming back up.
The NG tube is out since it caused more problems than it did solve them.
Walking with my love!
Day before Thanksgiving visit from my brothers, Jamie (Phil’s girlfriend/my friend) and Tyler.
Thanksgiving selfie! Hopefully this is the last holiday we spend at the hospital. We were so thankful to be together!
I love this guy with all my heart! He has been simply amazing through everything. He’s always by my side with unco
After 23 days I’m heading home!

If any of my doctors, nurses, aids, caretakers, etc. are reading this post I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am incredibly blessed to have had so many wonderful people working on me, helping me as well as my family, and truly caring for my well-being. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!

**Please keep in mind that I wore the same outfits for multiple days when you are trying to figure out the timeline of events.

14 thoughts on “Pictures Are Worth Infinite Words

  1. mallory, many prayers for you for healing and a fresh start in a fresh new year! My dad’s stomach was paralyzed after a surgery following a routine dilatation that went horribly wrong in 2007 or 8 (I am so bad with years!), and he was in the hospital for 40 days and lived for many months with both a G tube and a J tube. It was a long road to recovery but thankfully with medication he was able to recover and can now eat again and has (thank God) been healthy and of good spirits since. I share this because I know the road is rocky, and people can’t truly comprehend the devastation of not being able to eat unless you’ve traveled that road personally or with a loved one. You have a remarkable faith and spirit, and I think it shows in how you have carried yourself during these horrible circumstances. I pray that you are on the road to recovery and that 2015 brings you renewed health and an end to your hospital stays and surgerys. Loyally, Rebecca Sivori


  2. Wow! Mallory, you are such a strong lady! So glad your getting better! You are so gorgeous and such a blessing to all of your friends and family! Although we don’t talk or see each other anymore, I just want you to know that I am praying for you! Love, Autumn!
    P.S.~ You were always my favorite of Ashleigh’s friends!😘😍🙏


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