We Are Limitless

I think about the future in a whole new way now.

Before becoming ill, I thought I trusted God with my future. I thought I was living in accordance with His will for me. Yet, I was not praying for His plans above my own, seeking them out daily or making a conscious effort to mold my life around around them. Rather, I had a very specific image of what my future would hold. A plan that involved graduating college in 4 years, marriage soon after, launching a successful career, children to follow after a few years of wedded bliss, transitioning to a new role as a stay out home, and the list goes on…

There is nothing wrong with these plans or hoping for a certain future. In fact, the picture of my “ideal” future is an example of God’s Will lived out for many people…. But, what if, like me, you are set firmly on a future that isn’t in accordance with The Lord’s path for your life? How do we respond when the plans we deem “non-negotiable” are completely shattered?

There is beautiful freedom that The Lord has faithfully shown me through the destruction of my selfish plans. Now, when I picture the future it’s a blank slate. This doesn’t mean I have no future aspirations, goals, or hopes… in fact, it’s the total opposite. God has given me the confidence to imagine myself in countless different settings, as someone with unlimited options to become literally ANYTHING He desiresI can do all things understanding He will be the one molding me, strengthening and guiding me. I KNOW HE is in control, it’s up to Him to decide what will become of me. My job is to listen. To be still and know. To open my eyes, ears, heart, mind and soul to His Will… following His guiding hand.

With this understanding, I feel absolutely zero pressure or stress over what Tomorrow holds. NONE. And it’s not scary at all, it’s actually really cool. Whatever happens is going to be a surprise to me, each day I will unwrap the “present” to see what My Heavenly Father has in store. Whether these surprises are ones that I like or not, I know He’ll provide me the ability to rejoice because it’s His Will, His glory being revealed.

Recently, Colton Dixon released a song titled “Limitless.” This song actually came on while I was working on this post and the lyrics are a perfect addition to the message I’m trying to convey. (Isn’t it amazing how God ALWAYS seems to make the perfect song come on at the exact right time or your Bible flip open to that one verse you’re so desperately needing to hear?!)

“Take away the limitations when we fix our eyes on you/ Flood our hearts with expectation, Lord, there’s nothing you can’t do/ We are limitless, limitless/ The power of love alive in us/ Is limitless, limitless/ Unstoppable and nothing less/ No nothing can hold us down/ cause we are limitless.”

Viewing the future as God’s domain is a great blessing that I’m incredibly thankful to have in my heart. He has plans to prosper us, not to harm us, to give us a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). We can put our full trust in Him knowing He will indeed give what is good (Psalm 84:11 & 85:12).

Our futures are LIMITLESS because Our Great God is LIMITLESS.

18 thoughts on “We Are Limitless

  1. You are such an inspiration and blessing to others!! I am always humbled by your words! Praying for you, for your healing, and giving thanks that God placed you in our family! Your post brought these song lyrics to mind “open the eyes of thine heart Lord, open thine eyes of my heart, so I can see you”. I cannot wait to see his face!!

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  2. I just read your blog and was so inspired by your words. God is, indeed, limitless. Thanks for sharing and our family will keep you in our prayers.

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