Oh, Happy Day!

This last year has been the year of the unknown for my family. My health has been totally up in the air, requiring us to sit back and patiently wait, enduring the pain and trust God to lead us down His path in His time. It seems that prayers are being answered and finally we are taking a step forward!

On Monday, October 6, my doctor at the University of Cincinnati presented us with relieving news that I’m a candidate for a huge surgery that will bring an end to this miserable pancreatitis. On November 6, I will undergo a Total Pancreatectomy & Splenectomy with an Islet Cell Transplant. In English: total removal of my remaining pancreas (1/2 was cut out during my Whipple last October) and spleen. Islet Cell Transplantation is the process by which insulin making cells are extracted from the pancreas and injected back into the liver in hopes of preserving endocrine function. When the pancreas is removed you become a Type 1 diabetic, often a “brittle diabetic” with extreme highs and lows that are hard to manage. The Islet Cell transplant aims to give patients manageable symptoms with less insulin dependence–some are even insulin free!

Most people wouldn’t be excited to trade one chronic disease for another, but for me, it’s a relief I’m excited for. Physically, I’ll never be the same girl I was before I got sick–moving forward I’ll have a new normal, new permanent challenges yet (Lord willing) the ability to LIVE, EAT and re-enter the world around me. I have a long, tough road ahead and I’ll continue to seek strength in CHRIST ALONE. Thank you to all who have been so faithful in praying on our behalf, please continue, we love you and will keep you updated!

Isaiah 28:16- “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who relies on it will never be stricken with panic.”

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